Monday, June 17, 2013

Jamberry Conference #JamCon2013 - sort of an installment of "Working Smarter NOT Harder in your Direct Sales Business"

I can't believe that I leave for Salt Lake City THIS WEEK!  All the planning and cramming is SOOO worth it!

Last year was the first ever conference for Jamberry.  The excitement was palpable.  I went, knowing no one!  I had never even met my upline sponsor in "real life" - only on Facebook!  From the moment my husband dropped me off at the airport...  (by. my. self. as. in. no. children.) I was practically giddy.  I couldn't stop smiling!  I wore my sparkly Jamberry T-shirt, had pink highlights and carried plenty of brochures and business cards!  I chatted up many ladies, and met up with another Jamberry gal that was flying out at the same time (a pleasant coincidence!)

I flew from DFW to Denver, CO - where another Jamberry lady picked me up.  Again, never met - only on Facebook!  We drove through Colorado and Wyoming to Utah - my first time in either state!  When we arrived at the hotel, there were ladies everywhere wearing Jamberry Nails!  It was the first time I had ever seen so many pretty manicures and pedicures in one place! (I couldn't stop taking pictures!)

The excitement continued throughout the weekend, the tour of home office, the leadership training, the SHOPPING, the conference... So Much Fun!  My face hurt from so much smiling!

When convention drew to a close, we said our goodbyes and my new friend and I drove back to Denver, through the Rocky Mountains.  We even stopped for some scenic views and dipped our toes in the mighty river :)

There is nothing like attending your company's conference!  The excitement, friendships and business boost are worth every penny you'll spend.  It's not cheap.  I'm not gonna lie!  It was a sacrifice to go last year!

But, can I tell you something?  It was no sacrifice this year!  Why?  Well, I had so much success in my business AFTER conference, that I'm making way more money this year!  And... I planned to attend 2013 from the moment I stepped out of the 2012 conference!

So, here are a few practical tips for you to attend YOUR company's conference:

  • Decide you are going to do it and start to plan NOW!
  • Set aside a portion of your commissions each month towards your convention fund.
  • Buy the conference registration as soon as it is available.  There is usually an early bird discount that will save you some money!
  • Book your conference hotel right away.  There is no charge to reserve your room, and convention hotels often sell out.  It will usually end up costing you more to stay at an off-site hotel, further away from the excitement.  You can share the room with 2-4 other attendees to bring down your room cost.
  • Book your flights early.  The difference in airfare can be dramatic.  I booked my flight 2 months ago.  The same flights now are twice as much!
  • Take advantage of the included meals and/or happy hours at the hotel and conference.  There are plenty of opportunities to hang out and socialize, they don't have to cost you a lot of extra money.  Eat a large (and healthy!) breakfast to start your day.  You can even tuck an extra piece of fruit or yogurt in your bag for a mid-morning snack.  
  • Avoid the vending machines and bars if you are on a tight budget!  Someone at conference is bound to have a car - see if you can catch a ride to a grocery store to stock up on sodas and snacks if you must!
How much does it cost to go to conference?  It will vary depending on your company and how far you have to travel.  Here is a rough estimate, based on my experience.

Conference ticket: $120.00 (purchased for $80 during early registration)
Home Office Tour: $18.00
Conference T-Shirt: $22.00
Airfare: $345.00
Hotel: $500.00 (I'm staying an extra day before and after, and a portion of the time will have room mates, so some of this will be reimbursed!)
Food: $150 (I'm budgeting $30 a day, but I should be able to do much less than that!)
Total: $1,115
Last year, that was nearly 3 paychecks from my Jamberry business.  This year?  One paycheck took care of it with room to spare :)  I'm not bragging, just sharing to encourage you that it is WORTH the investment in your business!

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