Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Nail Trends for November 2012

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Top 20 #Nailart Trends for November 2012 from Jamberry Nails

Jamberry Juniors continue to be very popular, taking 5 of the top 20 spots for November sales (excluding Black Friday and Cyber Monday).  
Jamberry Juniors - easy #nailart for little girls - sized for ages 8 and under
Jamberry Juniors are specially sized for girls ages 8 and under.  Each sheet comes with 28 shields in one design and 14 shields in a complementary pattern.   You can get 4-6 applications out of each set!
The best selling Juniors styles are:

Peace Sign and Stars (shown in photo above)

It will come as no surprise to see 7 Christmas nail art designs make the top 20 list!  
Holiday Snowflakes and Red Sparkle #nailart manicure from Jamberry Nails

The most popular styles in November were:
Holiday Snowflakes (pictured above)
Peppermints (shown above)

Rounding out the top 20 are the following all-around nailart styles:
Raspberry Sparkle (this one has been in the top 20 since it was introduced!)
Holographic (a returning favorite!)
White Tip on Clear (French Manicure Style - Mid Length)
Red Sparkle (no doubt to use in combination with all those holiday nail art designs!)
Gold Leopard (another top 20 all-star)
Black Floral (an all-time favorite!)
Onyx Sparkle (great for dramatic and elegant Holiday Parties!)

If you'd like to know more about how Jamberry Nails work, here's a quick video:

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Order any style of Jamberry to compliment your Christmas and New Year's outfits and I'll send you a loaded catalog to collect orders!
host a catalog party on your own time and still earn free and half-priced products from Jamberry nails - easy nail art

buy 3 jamberry nail wraps, get 1 free - image of christmas nail art
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