Monday, November 7, 2011

Win Gold Canyon All-Natural Homeology Cleaners!

As you may know, Homeology cleaners were inspirational in my decision to become a Gold Canyon Independent Fragrance Consultant!  I excited to share this opportunity for you to win it for free!

Home Grown Families is hosting their annual Green Gifting Guide.  You can enter here to win a free full-size cleaner and wasteless refill of your choice.

These all-natural cleaners make an excellent green holiday gift.  Not only is the product environmentally friendly, but giving a gift that is consumable is green!  For less than the cost of a sweater that they may just re-gift, you can give the gift of aromatherapy and clean fresh spaces!

Who would most appreciate this gift?  I'm tempted to say anyone with a nose, but I guess that wouldn't be super-helpful!  Here are a few suggestions:

A newly-wed couple.  Remember when you got married?  You got all those expensive pieces of china, flatware, crystal stemware... You had matching towels, throw-pillows, placemats...  You had an iron, blender (or 3 blenders in our case!), coffee maker...  And do you remember the first trip to the store?  The "stock up".

Yeah - that's the one!  When we got married (nearly 16 years ago) ours was $86 - YIKES  (that was a lot of money when you consider our rent on the apartment was around $450)

College Students.  I remember the shock when I discovered that I had to clean my own dorm room.  I don't know why, but I kinda envisioned it as a hotel.  I was sadly mistaken, there was no maid service!  I usually bummed cleaners off of the other students (who probably got it as a dorm-warming present from someone else!)  I had to save my money for more important things, like late night runs to Taco Bell and new shoes books!  I didn't even buy toilet paper some weeks.  I "borrowed" it from the lobby bathroom (sorry mom).

That person who has everything.  You know who they are.  There's not something they haven't tried.  They've been there, done that, got the T-shirt.  You started giving them only things that they could hang on the walls, but that's even not an option anymore!

Anyway - if you win it, you could keep it for yourself or give it as a gift.  Why not throw in some super-cute gloves like these:
Nice Hands Household Utility Gloves - $10.50 on Etsy
An inexpensive organizer tote and some eco-friendly cleaning cloths:

Crocheted Cleaning Cloth Eco-Friendly Rainbow Stripe Shagg Ragg - $7.50 on Etsy

Either way, your purchase supports Small Businesses in a BIG Way.  Watch for my Small Business Guide - coming soon!

Small is the new BIG!
Small Business Saturday

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