Sunday, November 20, 2011

A New Twist For Your Wick-less Warmer

Home fragrance oils are a great way to expand the use of your favorite warmer.  Gold Canyon’s warmers feature an automatic shut-off timer and no need for replacement parts, but the adapter and oils will work on almost any commercially available warmer.

To use, simply place the ceramic adapter on the top of your warmer.  This works best if the warmer is round (all Gold Canyon warmers are round to accommodate our mess-free ScentPods).  Add 10-20 drops of your favorite Home Fragrance Oil – or be a fragrance mix-master and create your own custom scent blend!

Another benefit to using the Home Fragrance Oils and Adapter is that you can control the intensity of the fragrance.  Small space?  Use less oil!

Home Fragrance Oils are one of many options in Gold Canyon’s “Suddenly Scented” line of flame-free fragrances.  Unlit expressions of fragrance; Bursts of aroma; Convenient and compact; Take pleasure in Gold Canyon’s candle scents without using a flame! These products are designed to be highly fragrant and the best in their class. Created for use in any space.  We all love our candles, and the glow they create, but sometimes you need a wickless option!  Whether you choose the Scent Pods, Home Fragrance Oils, ScentMate, Linen Sprays, Room Sprays, Auto Fresheners or the Diffusers with patent-pending microfiber reeds, you’ll get the same amazing Gold Canyon scents you trust!

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