Sunday, February 7, 2010

A closet makeover!

We got a $100 MasterCard gift card in the mail unexpectedly this week (woo hoo!)  We joked about what we would do with it.
We didn't have quite enough to go to Turtle Island in Fiji (my dream vacation - in case anyone would like to contribute!)

My husband announced "I know what I want to do with it!"  A bit suspicious (since today is his birthday!), I said "Oh?"  "Yes.  I want you to tell me what kind of shelves you want in your studio closet, I'm going to build it out for you.  Is that OK?"  Gulp, "Um, yeah!"

So off we went to the studio, sketch book and tape measure in hand.  I described my needs and vision, he made all the calculations and headed out to the hardware store, with my nagging cautionary request: "Don't spend more than the $100.00!" 

While he was gone, I cleaned out the closet.  (No - you didn't get a "before shot" of the closet - it wasn't an accident!)
Then I used my level to measure and mark lines, 40" from the floor, then at 14" intervals.
Hubby had the plywood cut to the size of the cloest at the hardware store, but had to cut the U-shaped notch out at home.  (yes, in the entryway, right on my pretty entry carpet, and a quilt that was sitting there, without a drop cloth - but doesn't he look dashing in that hat?)
Can you see the furrowed brow of concentration?
Can you see the giant pile of debris and sawdust?  (OK - it's not giant!)
Personally, I think that hubby's design is genius!  He did the U-shaped board, then the support strips underneath.  After a bit of discussion, we decided that it would be best to go in top-down, and not secure the shelves until all were in place (for manueverability).  The original plan was that I would hold the shelf up while hubby installed the support strips.  Then brilliant hubby decided that he could just put in a few screws to hold it up while I watched and took pictures :)
Hubby suggests that perfectionists will want to pre-drill their corners, so as not to split the support braces!
Here's what it looked like after banging the heck out off gently persuading the shelves into place. 

I think I made my dad and Red Green proud by using duct tape to finish off the edges.  You could use something a little more professional, but it's in a closet!  (And duct tape was free)  Red Green says that the mark of a true craftsman is smooth duct tape.  I'm sorry to say that I failed the test.
Here's what it looks like right now.

I still have plans (and supplies) for the bottom part of the closet - it's going to be like a gigantic plate rack to hold all of my frames awaiting [ReDemption].  Right now it's a pile of ugly pillows from Big Lots.

Oh - and the pile of sawdust?  Hubby cleaned that up right away (he's a keeper!)
Time in planning: 30 minutes
Time in shopping: 45 minutes
Time in installation: 3 hours
Time in clean-up: 30 minutes
Current total time: 4 hours, 45 minutes
Current cost: $127.00 (but we have some things to return!)
A closet for my stuff: Priceless!



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