Friday, February 19, 2010

Post 101: a shout out to the single parents

I passed my 100th post!  I wondered if I would make it to 100, wondered if I had the staying power to keep it up!

This is a bad week to ask myself these questions!  My husband has been traveling for business, so I've been single-parenting and homeschooling, while trying to keep up wiht the rest of the world.  I'm not even gonna talk about the housework - that's too much!

So y 101st post is a tribute to all you single parents who make it work, never get to have time to yourself (not even in the bathroom!), are "on" 24-7-365 with no time to just "be".  You are amazing!  If I could grant each of you 12 hours of babysitting a day at the spa and a housekeeper, I sure would!

Have a great weekend,

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