Saturday, February 25, 2012

Urgent News Release: Where Have All The Pallets Gone?

The United Pallet Authority has issued an alert that there is a shortage of wooden shipping pallets.  The pallets, which are generally used as a base for delivery items, are in short supply.

"Ten years ago, you'd see them everywhere.  They were in dumpsters, alleys - just look behind any building, you know" stated one official who wishes to remain anonymous.  He even said that he had recently seen pallets strapped to the top of minivans and in the back of pick up trucks.

Our investigation has determined that the shortage is directly related to the internet, specifically the popular site for women: Pinterest.  We spoke with an avid Pinterest user named Mary*.  She tells us that Pinterest is her crack.  She also admits to hoarding pallets because of all the cute projects that she's found on Pinterest.  "I used to think that pallet furniture was just for poor people - you know, college students and newlyweds.  After I started using Pinterest, I saw that they could be incorporated into almost any design.  That's when it started."

Mary went on to tell us that she's staked out local delivery trucks, camped out behind superstores and pillaged dumpsters in her search of pallets.  She has yet to complete a Pinterest project using the pallets, but collecting them gives her a "sense of purpose."

Mary is just one of the women affected by the Pinterest Pallet Phenomenon - as we found when we spoke with Dr. Rico Cycler.  He tells us that many women are hoarding supplies to support their Pinterest fantasies, and says that other industries are poised to suffer as well.  He projects that the next one to fall may be the paint industry, as the number of crafters using paint chip samples in projects has skyrocked since the advent of Pinterest.

What will the future hold for other popular Pinterest topics?  Mason jars, scrabble tiles, crayons - all are on the shortlist for Pinterest-related shortages.  To see where all the pallets have gone, please check out this Pinterest board of Pallet Projects.

*names have been changed to protect the guilty.

**this is a fictional news report, but the projects are real! ~*~*~*~
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  1. Haha- this is because Pininterest is so awesome! It is my crack!

  2. Wow, that coffee table is awesome!

    This post is hilarious. Following you from the Mommyhood Chronicles blog hop. Have a great weekend. :)

  3. LOL... I had to read the post again:)


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