Monday, March 22, 2010

Complete Overload!

I am in way over my head.  I started my blog last year, thinking that it would be a great way to grow my business.  Along the way, I found that I enjoyed reading other's blogs, participating in contests and giving away items. 

Unfortunately, none of that has translated into increased sales!  For every hour I spend on the computer, I am missing one hour of studio time.  Less studio time means that when I have a show, I don't have as many items to show and sell!

I'm not a very good multi-tasker.  I really take the "do one thing and do it well" thing way overboard! If I'm doing well at homeschooling the children, the bills don't get paid.  If I'm really being creative in the studio, no one has clean underwear.  If the house is clean, no school is done.  SIGH...

I realized that I was retreating to the computer, it had (has) become my refuge from the deluge of day-to-day stuff.  Sniff.  I know that I need to allow God to be my refuge, and I know that He is nearer and better than the internet.  So why is it so hard?  LOL

I also started a booth at an antique mall, which has not been as successful as I hoped, it hasn't even paid for itself yet.  I think that I am over-diversified!

So - all that to try to explain why I've been MIA, and why you probably won't hear a lot from me in the months to come.



  1. Oh I completely understand! My mind is working MUCH faster than my physical self could ever possibly do ;)
    Not sure I have any advise, I am in the same boat. I do enjoy your work and your blog!

  2. I understand exactly what you are saying. Blogging is so habitual -- the friendships and support and the way it can feed our egos is tremendous! Your posts will be even more special when you are able to get to them. We're not going anywhere, so we'll be here to read them!

  3. So sorry things arent working out. I try to discipline myself. Blogs are great ways to meet and advertise.


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