Thursday, October 19, 2017

Introducing the Jam Junkies Club!

If you're like me, your Jamberry catalog is marked up, dog-eared and full of potential!  Or maybe your online wishlist is full of possibilities and desires.  I've got good news!  There is an easy, affordable way for you to get those items and not break the budget <3 p="">

Jam Junkies is a monthly shopping club, you and 9 other junkies commit to spend just $25 per month, and each month one of you is the "hostess"!  That means that you'll get the host rewards from EVERYONE's purchases!

Here's what a typical month's rewards would look like:
If you'd like to amp up your rewards, simply host your own party during the month to share your Jam addiction with friends and family members!  Then your rewards might look like this:

It's completely optional, but a great way to get more of the Jam products you crave!

You also will get a goodie package from me each month, just for being in the club!  I'm so excited and I've already started shopping for you!  (Any excuse to shop, am I right?!?! LOL)

Sign up for the Jam Junkies club today!  The next club starts when we have 10 members (know a friend who should get in on your club?  Send this to her!)

Here are the FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How much do I have to spend each month?
A: The minimum purchase requirement is $25 in retail products

Q: Can a Style VIP join the Jam Junkies club?
A: Yes! It's actually a great idea to layer the two - you get all the benefits of both!

Q: Can a StyleBox subscriber join the Jam Junkies Club?
A: Yes!  With month-to-month or pre-paid subscriptions.

Q: What if something comes up and I can't spend $25 one month?
A: Since this is a club, your team mates are counting on your purchase to make their month as great as your month!  If you are unable to make the purchase yourself, you are responsible for finding a substitute to make your committed purchase for you.

Q: How are the month's assigned for rewards?
A: Preference will be given to the first 3 to sign up during any promotional period for a new club.  The following 7 months will be randomly assigned.

Q: When do I have to submit my order?
A: All orders must be submitted between the 6th the 20th of each month.  Host rewards must be submitted by the 25th of each month.

Q: Will I get a reminder?
A: Yes!  There will be a post in the VIP Group on Facebook and an email sent to all Jam Junkie Club members each month.

Q: Can I join more than one club at a time?
A: No.  That would be too confusing for all of us to keep up with ;)

Q: Can I make my purchase through any Jamberry consultant?
A: No.  In order for the rewards system to work, all purchases must be made through me.

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