Friday, October 13, 2017

My perfect picks for manicures while traveling

When I travel, I like to us only a carry-on bag as often as possible. That can really cramp my style though, because so many of my favorite products are only available in larger sizes!

It's taken me a while to figure out what I actually need, and what I can safely carry on-board (without fear of it being confiscated by TSA! The horror of losing a bottle of Nourish one time still keeps me on my toes!)

So, I present the Jet-Setter bundle! 
I started with the Deluxe Tool kit. I've traveled with this kit dozens of times, with no problem! I think since the scissors are small and clearly part of a mani kit, it doesn't even raise an eyebrow. This kit is SO HANDY to have when you travel! The clippers are large and strong enough to handle tags and even open packages! The scissors are great for cutting tags off your clothes (everybody shops for something new before a trip, right? No? OK, just me then LOL!) and the crystal nail file keeps your nails nice and smooth after wrestling your way to your seat. :0

Next up are the Hydrating Removal wipes. These are water-based and amazing for removing wraps or lacquer. They have no smell, unless you choose the Peach scented ones shown here  I've literally removed my lacquer in the car on the way to the airport with no complaints from my husband! They are great for conditioning bare nails after a day of constant hand-sanitizer use too 

Quench is like a miracle product. I use it as lip balm (why is the air in an airplane sooooo dry?) and on my hands. It's also perfect for dry elbows, knees and heels - and I've even used it for a face moisturizer when I forgot to pack that - OOPS!) Plus, it's got a light scent and stays on for a long time.

The Cuticle Oil Pen is just a staple item in my bag! Adding extra nourishment to your cuticles helps them not become hangnails. You know what's not fun while you're traveling? Bloody, painful cuticles! OUCH. (Fortunately, your kit has cuticle nippers if you let it go too far!)

And finally, Chiffon lacquer. This color looks great with everything. Seriously. It's also a duo-chrome finish, which means that it shifts colors according to the light. (and is great for hiding imperfections in a rush paint job on a lay-over! The lighter color is less obvious if you get it on your cuticle or make a mistake too! I'm sure you're a perfect nail painter, but me, not so much) Since it's a light color, you don't need a base coat, and it easily re-applies right on top if your mani needs a boost half-way through your trip.

This sanity-saving travel kit is $104, or just $88.40 if you are a Style VIP!

#PlayWithYourJams. Always!

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