Saturday, May 21, 2016

Bi-Lingual Business Builders NEEDED!

Perhaps you've heard the news...

Jamberry is expanding again, this time to a Spanish speaking country, somewhere in Latin America by the end of 2016. That’s fantastic news!  But I have a problem, and I need your help!  Mi Espanol no es bueno!  I know enough to decipher signs, but I am not fluent by any stretch of the imagination!

I need 3-5 Bi-lingual (Spanish - English) team members to train and build teams.  I will be sending all my Spanish-only leads to these key leaders!

Are you interested in building a strong team with Jamberry?
 Please email me, or join my interest group on Facebook

Did you know that nearly 20% of all direct selling Consultants in the US are Latina?
There are 55 million people in this market which includes 10 million women over 18 who speak English. This market also spends more on beauty products than non-Hispanics.  (Yay!) That means there is a MAS GRANDE opportunity for you to build a strong Latina base within your US Jamberry team, as well as in the upcoming International expansion!

Jamberry's starter kit is available in English and Spanish, contact Noel Giger at for more information today!
Spanish Starter kit and corporate-provided marketing materials!

Jamberry's Corporate team provides great resources to help you do this!  Our beautiful new Starter Kit comes in a Spanish version, and we also provide customer support in Spanish!  Our entire website will soon be available in Espanol as well!

We’re also adding new members to our International team, including a Marketing Manager and Sales Manager, to support and build upon our Spanish initiatives. More resources to help create the full Spanish experience are coming soon!

On top of all that, we have an incentive focused on those who directly sponsor Latina Consultants between April 1 – July 31, 2016. The US Latino Builder Incentive provides some exciting rewards, including Conference perks (Conference is at Walt Disney World in Orlando this year!) and possible reimbursement for the Conference registration fee, and free Cross Border Sponsorship in the new market.

Contact me TODAY to learn more!  (Why should you contact me?  I'm glad you asked!)

I love Jamberry!  I wear it, sell it, train it and breathe it! 
Noel Giger, Founding Premier Executive with Jamberry Nails, at #JamCon2015 at the Gaylord Texan resort in Grapevine Texas
At #JAMCon2015
I am the proud leader of the GLOW Girls team of Jamberry Nails Consultants. We are 10,000 + strong and are passionate about training and encouragement.
We are a big happy JAMily!

I strive for excellence as a professional leader, published author, inspirational speaker, dedicated mother, team player, awakened dreamer, joy seeker, art creator, social connector & recovered procrastinator
Mi Familia :) 
I have been married to my best friend, William, for 20 years. We were college sweethearts! We have 5 children. Our oldest is 17 and our youngest is 5. We have 4 boys and a girl. We have grown through some really tough times; our third child passed away from SIDS at 3 months old. We also have learned the joys of special needs; our youngest child has Down Syndrome. Family is very important to me! I enjoy swimming, watching Netflix and Hulu with my kids, going out to dinner with my husband and traveling (especially when it's a FREE trip #ThankYouJamberry).

2015 Trip to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne Australia, as well as Auckland, New Zealand.
 I spoke to nearly 100 GLOW Girls team members in 4 meetings!
I'm one of about 100 "Founder's Club" consultants, I've earned 3 incentive trips with Jamberry, attended every company conference, have been a speaker at International Conference, Regional events and many Area Meetings.  I was featured in the original Jamberry University and have achieved the rank of Premier Executive (Number 12 out of 13 ranks - working on that last one!!!)  I am humbled,and proud at the same time, to be one of the top 40 leaders in our company!
Noel Giger, Founding Premier Executive with Jamberry Nails, Minnie Mouse ears on my way to Walt Disney World in Florida 2015
2015 Executive Retreat, Orlando, FL
I am a nerd… I love to read, learn and figure out new technologies. If I can get the computer to do it for me, I will! I love social media, photography, music and reading. Did I mention that I love to read? (Hey, readers are leaders!)

I am also passionate about building business women of excellence through education and encouragement.  #BecauseOfJamberry my family is financially free and I enjoy a six-figure income (from having cute nails!  What?!?!)

I hope you'll join me!
Noel Giger, Founding Premier Executive with Jamberry Nails, along with the Founding Sisters of Jamberry
With the Jamberry Founding Sisters, Incentive Cruise 2014
Noel Giger, Founding Premier Executive with Jamberry Nails, at the very first Jamberry conference in salt lake city utah 2012
With "the sisters" at the first Jamberry conference in 2012

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