Tuesday, October 19, 2010

LRH Resources

I'm making this post so I'll have easy access to some cool resources I find while planning lessons and activities.  Feel free to add a comment with your suggestions or send them to me in e-mail!

Homeschool Buyers Co-op

Homeschooling's#1 Way to Save
ABCTeach: "The Educator's Online Resource"  Lots of free resources, paid resources also available.  Cool worksheet generator too.
Free-Ed.net: is “the world’s largest, fastest growing, most highly regarded source of totally free education. Serving the education needs of a global community since 1997. No tuition, no books to buy, no hidden fees It’s free … all of it!” Free-Ed is geared primarily toward adults seeking to continue or supplement their education, but the site offers complete courses and tutorials for more than 400 different vocational and academic disciplines, free for anyone interested in learning. Free-Ed offers education simply for the sake of education!
Education World - Lots of online resources, lesson plans, printables and internet resources
Super Teacher Worksheets - tons of printables!  Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, Spelling and more!

Math & Science
Interactivate: The goals of Interactivate are the creation, collection, evaluation and dissemination of interactive Java-based courseware for exploration in Science and Mathmatics

Carolina Biological Supply Company: A place to purchase supplies for science lessons.  Also has a Teacher's Resources section with lesson plans, worksheets and more.

Scientific American's Bring Science Home

Geography & Environment
Wood Use: How big is an acre?

The National Archives: Interactive archives and lesson plans using copies of archived documents

Free Kids Music: These are complete songs, not edited versions. And they are high quality…not poor quality versions designed to tease you into buying an album. All the music downloads for kids you’ll find on this site are FREE
Music Appreciation Without Lessons: 33 ideas for creating music appreciation

Book It Program - Free pizza for reading, teacher printables and lots more
Ticket to Reading Rewards - Tickets to College basketball games for middle schoolers
Book Adventure - Sylvan Reading Center, free online rewards program for kids K-8

Writing, Reading and Literature
Mrs. Cassel's helpful handouts

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