Thursday, October 29, 2009

How to showcase a small item

I had a small vintage Texas A&M University (Aggies) patch that I wanted to frame and make more significant.  I started by looking through several books with pretty pages and nice poems or sentiments.  I found this one that I thought was very appropriate, beautifully illustrated and worked well with the patch:

The Seed
The greatest dreams on Earth
I trust to you my child.
You are the seed of humnakind
The hope, the future of the world.
(Tran Duk Uen, 20th century "A Letter To My Future Child", Vietnam)

I carefully removed the page from the book using a craft knife, then looked for a frame that would be the right size.  I found this pretty frame and mat, OK artwork, but not my style:

I removed the paper backing, pried up the staples holding the cardboard backing in place, and removed the artwork:

Next I hand-stiched the patch to securely attach it to the page:

Now all that was left was to put the page in the mat (being careful to get it straight), place it back in the frame (don't forget to clean the glass!), and push tight/replace the staples.

You may even want to add brown paper to the back for a professional finish.  I use double stick permanent tape around all the edges, press the paper on snugly, then trim with a craft knife:


Now your piece of custom artwork is ready to hang!  Here is another (more complicated) version using a shadowbox frame:

Now you know how - what are you going to showcase?


  1. This is a really cute idea! I don't think I have anything I necessarily want to showcase, but if I ever do, I know how now! :D



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