Friday, October 28, 2011

Small is the new BIG

I have many friends who own their own businesses. Direct Sales has been a lifesaver for many of them. Many times, you don't even have to have a home party to order, you can order right on their website and it can be shipped to you directly. If you do not have a favorite consultant for a company that you have in mind, please ask, and I am sure I can put you in touch with a consultant!

Something to keep in mind this holiday season: You, the customer, are our everything. Spending $100 at a BIG BOX store during the holidays won't make a difference to anyone; but spending $100 through a home business owner for Christmas means our business can continue; it gives us our pay, provides for our families, helps us meet our personal goals, and helps us continue to do what we love without using harsh sales techniques. The big stores will not care about you the way we will! You mean the world to us - shop a home/direct sales business for Christmas this year!

If you are a business owner or direct sales representative and you would like to be listed in my holiday gift guide this year, please fill out the information below:

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