Friday, October 22, 2010

It's a miracle, my kitchen is clean (still)

Two weeks ago I received an order I placed from my mother-in-law's home-party.  I had forgotten about it, and really ordered just to be nice :)  (I'm sure you ladies know how that goes!  LOL)

One of the items was an all-natural cleaner (which was a stretch for me, because I HATE TO CLEAN)

Something strange happened as soon as I opened the package: I wanted to clean something.  I don't think that I've ever experienced this phenomenon in my entire life!

I quickly cleared the counter so that I could clean it.  It smelled so good!  The kids came in - "can we try too?" they wanted to know?  I'm no dummy, I told them no!  (It's reverse psychology!) "Maybe later" I said, enjoying the lingering scent of the clean counter.

The next day, I let them use it on the kitchen table, we all breathed deep of the lovely smell!  Pretty soon, I noticed that I was cleaning the kitchen voluntarily.  It's been clean for over a week now, which has to be some sort of record.  I've even been washing dishes every morning and enforcing the rule that everyone wash their own dishes.  Even my hubby noticed and did dinner dishes before bed, wanting to leave it as nice or better than he found it!

Also in my order was a candle.  Now, I'm a big fan of candles.  Remember the PartyLite craze?  I was on the forefront.  I have the entire candle nativity set for Christmas decorations!  So far I've escaped the Scentsy train, but only because we're being very conservative with our money right now!  I still had a small stash of PartyLite candles that I've rationed, so I ordered the orange scent because that's William's favorite.

I lit it the first day and was amazed that I could smell it in the family room, when it was burning 3 rooms away in the kitchen!  It also burns very clean, no soot around the edge, the wax liquefies completely and the wicks have remained upright, so I've got a good feeling there won't be any waste.

Let me tell you - I am convinced that these candles are way better than PartyLite, and the scents are stronger than Scentsy!  I'm so convinced that I signed up to be an independent distributor today!

I can't wait to share these products with my friends - anything that gets ME to CLEAN, has to fall in miracle territory!

Don't stop - there's lots more good stuff...

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