Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Ingredients for a Great Lacquer Manicure

I thought I'd share some of our lesser known gems. They aren't sexy on their own, but they are the quiet ingredients to a great manicure!

Nail prep is so important, for every manicure, even "just" lacquer  It's important to clean the nail, especially after you use a lacquer remover! See that pretty pink tint? That means there are moisturizers that help your nails... BUT, they keep the lacquer from adhering correctly!

The smoothing base coat helps to provide a smooth surface and the barely white color helps your lacquer color to POP! Each coat dries in about 4 minutes, so by the time you finish your second hand, you're good to apply color.

When you uses more than 1 coat of lacquer, it takes a bit longer to dry, which increases the chance of smearing :( So... I recommend an ultra fast drying top coat and a quick dry spray combo to get you out the door with perfect nails!

I hope you enjoyed these tips to help you #PlayWithYourJams

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