Saturday, March 1, 2014

It's My Two Year JAMiversary!

Two years ago today, I joined Jamberry as an Independent Consultant.
I am so amazed! In these two years... 

Over a Million dollars in sales, 

1150+ team members, many leaders promoting in our GLOW Girls team,

I personally have achieved Sr. Executive (level 10 out of 13 in our career plan!) 

and became a member of the founders club (one of 30 so far!), 

earned an incentive trip (1 of 57) 

- thousands of dollars in commissions and bonuses, 

over 100 parties, hundreds of customers... 

And close to 50 events!

But still, my favorite parts?

Watching someone's eyes light up when they file the extra off the end of the nail and say "OMG - that's it?" .... Hearing a team member's excitement over achieving her first goals ... seeing leaders emerge and train their teams... 
Getting to teach a class on entrepreneurship and marketing to a Girl Scout troop (they gave me Thin Mints!!!)

And most of all, the friends that I've made... 

 This product, business and industry changes lives! I am in love!!!

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