Friday, September 6, 2013

Are you coming to the party? GREATful WOMAN Talks! September 3-30, 2013

Have you heard about the celebration for women all over the world in September? I want to
invite you a month-long party!

WHAT? GREATful WOMAN Talks! -- celebrating all that we are… from our body to the bedroom, from our babies to the boardroom!
WHEN? September 3-30 2013 (one GREATful WOMAN Talk per day)
WHERE? The comfort of your home (ahhhhh….)
I'm so excited to have found out in time to still get in on the majority of the talks!  You can too.  Best of all, it's my favorite price:  GREATful WOMAN Talks! is F*R*E*E - their gift to us! <==  Reserve Your F*R*E*E Spot at the celebration

Look, how many of us simply want long-lasting confidence, joy and success? If 28+ fabulous women could show you how it lives within you NOW and give you tools to unleash it, would you find that valuable?

When you register and join in this Telesummit, you'll get strategies to

  • Feel confidence and love exactly who you are TODAY
  • Name YOUR goals and desires (crazy powerful)
  • Find peace with your past, joy in the present, and hope for the future
  • Manifest the life that YOU desire - in your relations, health and career!

You may ask, how will this event work? Each speaker (one per day) will explore a topic that
we -- as GREATful WOMEN -- need to know... a topic in our area of expertise. Also they’ll share
their challenges and breakdowns AND how we coped, broke through, and rose up. You can see
pics of all of the speakers at!

This fabulous Telesummit is hosted by GREATful StoryTeacher, Stephanie Bavaro. Each Talk (~30-45 minutes) will be sent directly to your inbox; you listen anytime you want on that day. The next day, you get a new GREATful WOMAN Talk. Simple, flexible, and designed with your needs in mind.

It’ll be fun, we’ll get real, and we’ll transform, heal and explore – together!

So, what is this party? You can see it as a business meeting, a coffee talk, a slumber party, a ladies lunching, and yes, it even can be a Wine Party! Woo-hoo! It is whatever you want it to be.
GREATful WOMAN Talks! <== Reserve Your Spot at the party

When you register, your gifts start immediately in your Welcome Pack. You will get you will receive access to your first “talk” as Stephanie explores GREATful WOMAN Talks Living Strong, Lean and Flexible!

In addition, the GREATful community eagerly waits you to join, follow and connect. No worries if
that’s not your thing -- You can take as little or as much as you want from the event – remember,
it is free and was designed for us.

GREATful WOMAN Talks! will empower you and arm you with the knowledge and skills to live
your dream life – on YOUR terms – with confidence, joy and success, as we explore

  • Living in Abundance – GREAT & ful
  • Starting with Gratitude – GREATful
  • Embracing all that you are as a WOMAN -- cherishing and standing your strength as a woman and your perfectly imperfect magnificence.

So join us today to start the gifts flowing and celebrate all that we are, from our body to the bedroom, from our babies to the boardroom!

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