Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Amazing New REVOLUTION: Solavei

Registration is OPEN to everyone!  Check it out now!

My friend Laura shared this with me today:
what is solavei noel giger direct sales pre-launch dfw dallas fort worth texas
I am a founding member of a brand new company that will benefit millions of people by saving them money on a service they use everyday. It will revolutionize commerce as we know it, and help thousands of people in a myriad of ways, especially financially.
We won't be launching until September 21, 2012. Most of you KNOW the benefit of learning about a company before it launches. We are in pre-launch and therefore need an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) before I can share details with you. If you would like for me to send you an email with an NDA link, and more information about this amazing new REVOLUTION, simply message me with your email address.
I am so excited to share this very exciting NEW and revolutionary idea with you.

Have you heard the buzz going around about this company in the pre-launch phase?   I feel honored that I have the opportunity to share with my friends and family!

It is definitely an advantage to learn about opportunities before the rest of the world!  Solavei will be a blessing and benefit to millions of people. Solavei will help people by dramatically lower one of the monthly bills you are paying right now and it is NOT being done by anyone else (NO it's not energy :)

96% of the US Population qualifies to take advantage of this.  E-commerce and technology together in a company that consumers will consider a blessing each time they pay their monthly bill.  Since they are in the prelaunch phase, I am able to invite you to simply learn more about it after you click through a non disclosure agreement.  I love it because it will help so many families reduce their monthly bills.  I also love it because there's a pretty phenomenal incentive for those that are interested in additional streams of income off something you're already paying for.  If  you're interested in learning more, let me know, and I will email you information to learn about it!

I am so impressed - I know you will be too!  This could be a great answer to prayer for William and I!

Please let me know your info so I can share this with you - you have nothing to lose and perhaps lots to gain!

Registration is OPEN to everyone!  Check it out now!
If you pay more than $49 a month for your cell service, you can SAVE money with Solavei.
If your friends pay more than $49 a month for their cell service, you can MAKE money with Solavei William and Noel Giger Solavei Members

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