Friday, April 13, 2012

One trip!

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Jamberry is so simple and easy
- one trip to my hostess' home or vendor event!
Here I even have :
A Banner
A Banner Stand
My Entire Jamberry Inventory
A Hostess Gift
A Route 44 Coke Zero from Sonic (of course!)
I've been in direct sales my whole life.  Well, almost!  My mom used to sell Home Interiors and I would go to some of her shows with her, help stamp the order forms, fill orders and such.  When I was a teen, she sold Adorn Jewelry, then a nail product called Lume.

I've represented Avon, Highlights Jigsaw, BeautiControl and Gold Canyon,
Gold Canyon Christmas display at a vendor event
as well as my own line of artwork and jewelry [ReDeemed] unique art.
[ReDeemed] display at Season's of Aggieland Bazaar
I've never been able to get in and out of someone's home or an event in one trip!

No matter how carefully I packed, there were always multiple trips; bags digging into my shoulders; boxes precariously perched upon boxes...  I was usually the first to arrive and among the last to leave large events, trudging out exhausted and muttering to myself "I will never do this again!"

My car or van would stay loaded for days because I didn't want to unload it (or even look at it sometimes!)

I took the photo above last night at a team member's launch party.  I can make this happen:
Jamberry Nails nailart table display little elm frisco aubrey texas

Jamberry Nails nailart table display little elm frisco aubrey texas
in one trip!  I love my new Jamberry business!  While I was at the party last night, I got a new team member and word that a promotion is right around the corner. 

If you are considering joining a direct sales company, I encourage you to check out Jamberry!  My team is at 10 people and growing fast! (UPDATE: June 28 = 53 team members!  Join me!)
Jamberry Nails consultant noel giger dfw little elm frisco aubrey dallas plano providence savannah texas tx

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