Wednesday, April 15, 2015

How to lose Facebook friends?

The internet is abuzz this morning about this article from Scary Mommy:

"I don’t want 3-D lashes. Your face looks like a tarantula exhibit. There, I said it. Someone had to. “It Works!” Does it? If one body wrap works for you, that’s great. You know what else works? Spanx. Just bought some online. Pantsless. Boom.
I’m not going to try the skincare. I’m not giving it 30 days. I could put Elmer’s glue on my face for thirty days, then take a picture and see a major difference. I have Photoshop, too. I’m sticking with my Olay from the grocery store, thanks — only now I have to shop like a freaking ninja, in case you are lurking one aisle over in feminine care, ready to pounce with an “amazing opportunity” to host one of these shit-shows. Please, for the love, just STFU about your MLM, k?"
Here is my humble response:

There is so much that is right and funny about this article! I removed myself from well over 50 “lash crack” groups last summer. I’ve declined countless party invites from Jamberry, Thirty-One, Pure Romance, Fit Stick, Thrive, Herbalife, Nerium, Advocare, DoTerra, Young Living, Mary Kay, Beauty Control, Perfectly Posh, Cabi, Ruby Lane, Premier Designs, Stella and Dot, KEEP Collective, Tupperware and more…

The reason I declined those invites is simple. I’ve got a girl. Tammy Deigan is my Thirty One girl. Amy Rucker is my Pure Romance lady, Vanessa Gurrusquieta is my friend that sells Fit Sticks, Magan Kasper would be my go-to-girl for Thrive. Carla and Eddie Webber are my people for Herbalife… I could go on and on.

And Jamberry? I’ve got that covered all by myself. I’ve been a consultant for over 3 years. I truly do believe in this industry, and the success stories that it makes possible. I have seen first hand victories from abused women who escaped their situations because they were able to start a home based business. I know people who have quit 2 of their 3 jobs #BecauseOfJamberry (it’s actually a thing!) I see team members making their car payments, mortgages, buying their first house with a hefty down payment, paying off their house in 3 years… I made more last year with my Jamberry business than I ever made working a “real job” (the last one I had was as the Executive Marketing Assistant for a large healthcare consulting company) In fact, I made way more than my husband, and in January we decided that he should retire and we are now business partners.

My downline organization sold nearly $2 million in March. At 15 bucks a pop… that’s a whole lot of “guilted purchases”

I see bad business practices all. the. time. I say “eewwww” when I see certain company’s before and after pics. I roll my eyes at my fitness friends and all of their shakes and gym check ins. I don’t care for tarantula eyes. I detest being added to groups without being asked. And I post pictures with my nails in them. A lot. What I don’t do is add my website link and tag 20 people.

I respect your opinions, agree with most of them, and support your freedom to share. I also love my “job” (and yes, I actually work. I’ve got a home office, a computer that was paid for by Jamberry money, weekly conference calls, daily phone meetings and “success calls” with individual team members to identify their strengths and help them build a business that fits their lifestyle.) Our team values Excellence through Education and Encouragement. We are a family. I was in the airport, awaiting the plane to my free vacation (earned with Jamberry) when I got the news that a JAMsisters 3 year old son died. I was physically ill. I bawled my eyes out – ugly cry – for hours. I sent her messages and advice. My 3 month old son died 8 years ago. I know what she’s going through, I was able to be a safe place for her – and still am. We would have never met if it weren’t for Jamberry.

The thing is, no matter what business you’re in, you’re in the people business. You first have to care for and value people. Selling you a nail wrap is not my only goal. Do I want to expand my customer base? You bet! Do I want you to get some girlfriends together over wine and try my products? Absolutely! Am I willing to share how incredible my company is and what it’s done for me and countless others? Certainly. But first, I must care about you. I would not risk a friendship over products. The few bucks I made “off of you” would never be worth losing YOU.

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