My Picks

I am constantly asked for advice on what service providers I use, why and how to get signed up with them.  Since I believe in working "Smarter NOT Harder", I decided to list them all in one place!  Some I have affiliate status with (i.e. if you choose to use them, I get paid a referral fee) but ALL are places I personally use and trust :) - I am able to schedule meetings, or hold them instantly with AnyMeeting.  I can upload materials to share, share my computer screen and attendees can attend via phone or webinar.  I have the paid subscription for up to 25 users which allows me to record my trainings for others to view later. - a free app from Intuit, the makers of QuickBooks and TurboTax. It lets you accept credit cards right on your mobile phone, laptop or tablet. I’ve been using GoPayment to accept credit cards anywhere for 5 years.  Sign up with my link and we BOTH get $10 :)

iContact - This is what I use to capture and maintain my lists.  Clients, Team Members, Hostesses, Prospects... They all go into this database.  I have set up auto-responders to manage hostess coaching, new team member on-boarding, prospect follow up, you name it!  I also use it for my customer and team newsletters.  It is easy to use and I love the tracking and reporting features.  They offer your first month for free to try it out, and the monthly plans are very reasonable and based on the size of your list.  I have upgraded twice (which is very good news, it means my lists are GROWING and so is business!)  If you sign up through this link you and I BOTH get a $50 gift card! - I have a corporate subscription to  This makes my emails look really professional, gives my contacts a way to instantly act on interest and I can track my "click-thrus" on their site.

Pagemodo - Schedule Facebook page posts in a few minutes for the whole week.  I chose them because they are very affordable, easy to use and they have a very clean interface.  They have a free plan, which is good for starters.  They are also owned by VistaPrint, which is another company I've used for a long time! - Allow team members and hostesses to book online, with real-time access to your current calendar.  This integrates with Google calendars (and others)

Solavei - Unlimited talk, text and data for smartphones for just $49 per month.  No contract, no background check.  They run on the T-Mobile network and you can bring over any GSM cell phone (T-Mobile or AT&T)  In addition, they offer a pretty cool referral program :)  I talk for FREE now!

Don't stop - there's lots more good stuff...

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